This is the story of the Anky. My darling love of my life (To be referred to henceforth as "Panda") started calling me Anky years ago. As in the Ankylosaurus dinosaur. Apparently I reminded him of this prehistoric turtle (Yay.....), and he decided it would be my new pet name. The only thing was, he would call me the "Fluffy Anky", because, well I'm friggin adorable.

When I started drawing again I started doodling Ankies, to sign my notes to him with. He would say "Great, but it isn't fluffy enough." Eventually they morphed into this fluffy puppy with Anky spikes, and a fluffy "club" at the end of it's tail. Panda insists it's a lion, not a puppy, but this is the same guy who thought that Pandas eat eucalyptus instead of bamboo, so what does he know?

The reason I chose the Anky for the Ankyworks logo, other than the obvious, is to showcase creativity, which is paramount when it comes to a designer/illustrator. So many people out there do the same friggin thing, it's nice to see something different for a change. As for the flames, they're just fun to do.

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