Maybe you like my stuff so much you want to have me do work for you. YAY!  I love to do custom work for my customers!

Prices for commission work depend on the size and complexity of the project.   To begin the process, send me an email either by clicking the "Contact" button, or by sending it to Tell me as much as you can about what kind of custom artwork you are looking for, and I will give you an estimate on the job. Once you have an estimate, we will decide on payment terms and the approximate timeline for delivery.  

The next step is that I will send you two to four different watermarked options of your commissioned artwork, and you can decide which you like the best.   I also have contract terms that need to be agreed upon before I go ahead with a project, this is to ensure the best possible experience for both of us.

At the completion of the project, you will receive a high resolution graphic e-mailed to you in whatever format was requested at the time of the agreement. If you require a CD, one can be sent to you at the additional cost of $6.00 to cover shipping and handling through the US Postal Service. You also have the option of having your graphic put on any number of fun products. The products are sold at cost if no additional work is required, but for just $4.00 an item your products will be enhanced to look of the highest professional quality.


Read reviews from clients I've worked with.

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